TKE was established in 2000, and since our founding has developed into one of Southern California’s premier full service, multi-disciplinary Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry consulting firms. Our firm was established with the goal of providing high value, turnkey professional services with a personal touch in order to be a lasting benefit to society.

     One thing that differentiates our firm is that we approach our mission with a belief that understanding and meeting the needs of the community is vital to the completion of a successful project. This approach, instilled by TKE’s management team and personified by TKE’s staff, ensures that our clients receive highly personal service on each and every project. As a result of the focus of the firm on our mission, we have earned a reputation for thoroughness, rapid turnaround, cost efficiency and overall outstanding quality of work.

     "It is this commitment to service and diverse array of offerings that make us unique and drives our long-standing relationships with our clients, and it is these same qualities that make us the right fit for you."

Company History


     Mr. Thornton, TKE’s President, is in charge of all TKE projects. He has over 25 years of experience in engineering planning, design, land surveying and construction management for public works projects. He has worked on a variety of public works engineering projects such as street improvements, park improvements, bike trail improvements and many others.

    Mr. Ledbetter has gained vast professional experience over seven years in the civil engineering industry. He has handled various critical and challenging projects from the planning, design to implementation stages; all while ensuring that projects get executed as per specification in stipulated time with quality. 

     Mr. Musser has over 45 years of experience in performing field and office surveying services for public and private projects including roadway and highway projects. Prior to joining TKE Engineering Inc., Mr. Musser worked as a Partner in an engineering and surveying firm and supervised the mapping department providing mapping and calculations support for the firm’s projects.


​​     Mr. Renner is the Vice President of TKE and has considerable experience in civil engineering infrastructure projects, including sewer and water improvements, transportation improvements, drainage improvements, facilities improvements and recreation improvements. He has managed numerous projects and has delivered projects for the cities of Fontana, Upland, Riverside, Redlands, Corona, and Rialto.

Michael Thornton, President and Founder of TKE

Steven Ledbetter
Associate Engineer​

Ron Musser
Director of Survey​ing

Terry Renner

Principal - Civil Engineering

Michael P. Thornton
P.E., L.S.

Principal - In - Charge

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“When employees and employers, even co-workers, have a commitment to one another, everyone benefits. We have

            people who have been in business with us for decades. We reward their loyalty to the organization and to our

            mission. We know that they’ll always be dedicated to what we’re trying to accomplish; excellent client service." 

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