Joslyn Senior Center

City of Claremont, CA

Completion Date: Currently in Master Planning Stage
Project Cost: $11 Million

      This comprehensive site plan addresses the expansion of the Joslyn Senior Center to add over 11,000 sq ft of much needed programmable office and recreation space. A need analysis and surrounding use study was completed with the help of the Commission on Aging and City Staff. This information was the backbone of the programming for the overall site. In an attempt to be sustainable as well as limit the replication of uses throughout the City special consideration was taken into account for the users of the site, access, tree preservation and maximization of space. The park included specialized uses like a learning garden for courses and visitor enjoyment, a natural amphitheater with shade sails, a 6 station par course, mile markers for a comprehensive walking trail surrounding the site, new restrooms and storage, tot lots, and a large entertainment patio area for programmable events. A Design Development Report accompanied the overall site plan which included options on funding, phasing, design strategies as well as the overall architectural program.

Project Services
• Site Planning
• Architectural Design and Planning
• Communication Outreach
• Feasibility Study