Best Buy

City of Long Beach, CA​

Completion Date: 2007

Project Cost: $1.1 Million

     This 45,000 square foot Best Buy was located in Long Beach and was a negotiated project based on past construction performance. Following completion of construction the overall project achieved LEED Silver certification. Mr. Shawn Ryan headed up coordination efforts with contractors, local agencies and inspectors. In all projects Mr. Ryan is involved in his approach is that of a team environment. Creating an ease of communication and providing his vast knowledge base related to Big Box construction allows for quick resolve of existing issues in the field. This store was able to open early due to construction being completed ahead of schedule.


Project Services
• Project Scheduling
• Cost Estimating
• Sub-Contractor Negotiation
• 45,000 sq. ft. build out
• Early grand opening
• 1009 Best Buy Store