Best Buy

City of Pacoima, CA

Completion Date: 2009

Project Cost: $5 Million

LEED Certification: Gold

     This 45,000 square foot ground up build for Best Buy achieved LEED Gold Certification. The project was located on Primstor’s 20 acre develeopment site, Plaza Pacoima. Additonal retailers located within Plaza Pacoima included: Lowes and Costso. It was funded by the City of Los Angeles, which required certified payroll, local hire requirements and a percentage of union labor. All project requirements, coordination, documentation, project scheduling, and negotiations were performed by Mr. Shawn Ryan. Taking a team approach to all projects Mr. Ryan ensures that there is constant communication between all which is conducive to projects being completed on time, if not early. This specific project was completed on time and under budget. Best Buy was able to have an early grand opening.


Project Services
• Project Scheduling
• Sub Contractor Negotiation
• Certified Payroll
• Local Hire Requirement Achieved
• Portion of Plaza Pacoima - 20 Acre Development