San Antonio Community Park 

Upland, California

Completion Date: 2003

      The San Antonio Community Park Project is located in the City of Upland at the northwest corner of Mountain Avenue and 24th Street. Prior to project design TKE performed an aerial target layout survey and supplemental conventional survey to collect appropriate information for street and parking lot design. TKE prepared construction drawings and specifications for the construction of the street improvements, including retaining walls, sewer improvements, electrical lighting improvements, parking lot, playground, sidewalk and overflow lot grading plans. Park design was prepared utilizing all generated material onsite within a landscape mound feature at the center of the parking lot to avoid any cost for material export. During construction TKE performed construction staking for the approximately 4-acre park site.

Project Services
• Aerial target layout
• Supplemental conventional design surveying
• Construction staking
• Grading, treet, sewer, electrical, playground and parking lot plan preparation
• Specification preparation