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environmental planning

Successful environmental planning and permitting is about the balance between the natural and built environments relative to the values, desires and needs of the community, while remaining in compliance with a regulatory process that can be overwhelming in its complexity. At TKE, we work in partnership with our clients to gain a complete understanding of each project and develop innovative and feasible environmental solutions. Relying upon our extensive experience and knowledge of current CEQA/NEPA requirements and processes, we produce thorough and defensible environmental documents necessary for the success of our clients and community. This commitment to excellence benefits the project applicant as well as the lead agency.
Our team also provides a broad range of services that includes technical study preparation and regulatory permitting. Our considerable knowledge of the permitting process and our extensive relationships built over the years with the regulatory agencies provide us unrivaled opportunity to expedite the process, while ensuring compliance with all regulatory statutes.

• Biological studies, including assessments and evaluations for sensitive,

   threatened, and endangered species

• National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits

• NEPA/SEPA/CEQA documents, including EAs, EISs, and EIRs

• Vegetation and revegetation management studies

• Coastal resource plans
• Erosion control plans
• Fisheries studies
• Forest service special use permits
• Habitat conservation plans
• Mitigation and monitoring plans
• Water quality studies
• Resource agency consultation
• Stormwater pollution control plans

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