City of Upland, CA
Completion Date: 2008
Project Cost: $25 Million
This Basin Project is located in the City of Upland, at the corner of Monte Vista Avenue and Arrow Highway, north of the Interstate 10 Freeway. Prior to project design, TKE prepared a parcel map to divide the existing City-owned parcel and reconstruct parcel lines to accommodate the basin construction. The 40-acre, 1,300 acre-foot basin was constructed in two phases, expanding an existing flood control basin. Utilizing State grant and local funding, the project provides for 100-year flood protection and 200 acre-feet of water recharge storage, ensuring the safety of the residents and producing increased water supply for the City’s residents.

Project Services
• Pre-project planning
• Parcel map preparation
• State grant application submission and coordination
• Aerial target layout and mapping
• Specifications preparation
• Construction management services
• Construction staking
• Quantity surveying for volume verification
• As-built verification

Basin Expansion