Street Widening Project

​City of Riverside, CA
Competion Date: 2009   

This Street widening project is located in the Southwest Riverside area between Wells Avenue and Hole Avenue. Improvements provided corridor beautification and improved traffic and pedestrian safety. Conventional ground survey was provided by TKE for approximately 6,200 linear feet of street widening, bike lane extension and median improvements. TKE prepared all legal descriptions, right-of-way acquisition plats, temporary construction easement plats and grant and easement deeds for 49 separate parcels. TKE provided conventional survey for public and private improvement areas, street improvement and on-site improvement plans. TKE prepared environmental documents, right-of-way documents, contract specifications and construction cost estimates.

Services Include:
• Conventional ground design surveying
• Environmental initial study preparation
• Right-of-way documentation preparation
• Temporary construction easement preparation
• Plans, specifications and construction cost estimates