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Surveyor Engineer

SURVEYING, MAPPINg, & Right-of-way engineering

Accurate and detailed data collection and thorough establishment of property boundaries, ownership and restrictions are the first step to any successful project. Knowing this, our professional staff established a methodic and thorough approach to data collection and records research, ensuring that TKE collects the right data and the right amount of data, each and every time.
During construction, our expert survey personnel takes ownership of the project, supplying additional “eyes on the ground” and providing field level constructability review, adjusting construction in the field as required to match existing conditions, ultimately ensuring more expedient construction and reducing potential for future claims.


• Boundary, topographic, route, construction, as-built and legal surveys
• Legal descriptions for easements and real property
• Sub-division and land planning
• Survey maps, right-of-way engineering, topographic and
   plan and profile drawings
• GPS surveys and aerial mapping target surveys
• Construction staking
• GIS data acquisition
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