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California continues to attract the businesses, industries and workforce needed to support and maintain its economic expansion. As a result cities, counties and local communities are increasingly forced to keep pace with the mounting demands and stresses created by added the congestion on roadways, highways and neighborhood streets. TKE’s traffic engineers blend practical approaches with technical innovation to create solutions that will alleviate the demands caused by the additional growth of our community. Our focus is on improving system performance to provide our clients with the best value for enhancing capacity and solving simple and complex operational problems, ultimately decreasing the stress on our communities' residents and economies.


• Traffic signal systems design
• Traffic control plans
• Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
• Traffic signal coordination
• Signal interconnect design
• CCTV system design
• Fiber optic systems
• Communication systems
• Signing and striping plans
• Signal warrant analysis
• Highway lighting
• Electrical design
• Cost estimating
• Construction plans, specifications, and cost estimates

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