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development services

TKE’s development services are primarily real estate-oriented, transactional in nature and opportunity based.  These services are customized to our clients’ needs and range from macro scale matters relative to community-wide needs to micro scale matters related to site specific development needs.  These services are offered on a “turn-key” or general basis (i.e., as an augmentation to staff) or on a selective basis (i.e., for specific project activities).  TKE’s development services staff are highly skilled and have over 80 years of combined experience in assisting local agencies with a broad array of high-priority projects.  In addition, TKE is uniquely able to offer its development services in combination with its comprehensive array of engineering-related services.  This unique combination of skill sets enables TKE to offer its clients an uncommon level of practical insight and solutions with respect to local government sponsored, initiated or assisted development.  The following summarizes the types of development services that TKE provides to its clients:

  • Planning, urban design, land-use, development strategies, fiscal feasibility, funding/financing strategies and deal structuring for potential development projects and/or programs.

  • Providing planning and project management consultations, negotiations and presentations with staff, developers, property owners, business leaders, investors, bankers, real estate professionals, engineers, architects, community officials, other governmental agencies and any others, as appropriate, with respect to development projects and/or programs.

  • Evaluating the physical and fiscal feasibility of any public assistance requests (i.e., pro forma analysis) by prospective developer.

  • To the extent that public assistance is contemplated by any prospective developer, preparing/developing clear and concise options and devise options and goals that: 

      i) Connect direct public assistance to the tax-ratables generated by

      a project, are performance-based and are tied to the concept of 

       feasibility wherein both parties share in project financial benefits;
       ii) Connect indirect public assistance to either regional or area 
       benefiting public infrastructure and that emphasize the use of
       alternative fiscal resources, e.g., community facilities districts.
  • Estimating the tax ratables and job creation potential that a projected development may generate (i.e., property taxes, tax increments, sales taxes, transient occupancy taxes, etc.).
  • Developing and/or implementing marketing and economic development strategies to retain, expand and attract businesses to increase employment opportunities and tax ratables.
  • Preparing fiscal and economic impact studies.
  • Developing and/or implementing low- to moderate-income housing strategies, projects and/or programs for both multi-family and single-family projects or programs.
  • Developing and/or implementing public facility/infrastructure funding strategies and tactics that maximize the use of creative financing tools and sources.
  • Providing oral presentations to designated audiences and/or venues that may be required for development projects and/or programs.
  • Researching, preparing, reviewing, evaluating and/or submitting reports, forms, spreadsheets, analyses and/or any other written documentation required for development projects and/or programs.
  • Performing any compliance and/or implementation related tasks and/or services for development projects and/or programs.
  • Preparing and certifying “Project Information Summary” reports as required by Government Code §§ 53083 or 52201 or any similar provisions of law.
  • Preparing any combination of development, economic development, property disposition, affordable housing, infrastructure and other types of strategies, tactics, reports or plans as may be required for designated development projects and/or programs.
  • Providing comprehensive redevelopment wind-down services, particularly property disposition and ROPS administration services.
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