TKE Engineering was established in 2000, and since our founding has developed into one of Southern California’s premier full service, multi-disciplinary consulting firms. Our firm was established with the goal of providing high value, turnkey professional services with a personal touch in order to be a lasting benefit to society. 


One thing that differentiates our firm is that we approach our mission with a belief that understanding and meeting the needs of the community is vital to completion of a successful project. 


This approach, instilled by TKE’s management team and personified by TKE’s staff, ensures that our clients receive highly personal service on each and every project. As a result of the focus of the firm on our mission, we have earned a reputation for thoroughness, rapid turnaround, cost efficiency and overall outstanding quality of work. 


At TKE, we are committed to creating value and taking ownership in each task that we perform. As such, we have created a professional culture wherein each member of our staff constantly strives for increased efficiency, ultimately allowing us to provide highly professional services at competitive rates. 


Our culture of community building and constant value creation ensures that the services provided by TKE will always mean good stewardship of public and private resources. It is this commitment to service and diverse array of offerings that makes us unique and drives our long-standing relationships with our clients, and it is these same qualities that make us the right fit for you.


At TKE, we believe that the highest value for our clients is created when a single team moves a project or program from conception to completion. As such, we have created a sole source firm for project completion, whose comprehensive experience with all phases of project development and delivery allows you the ability to approach us with a problem, and working together, we are able to create a working and sustainable solution.


Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals can work from your initial needs, determine solution alternatives, locate and acquire funding sources for implementation, design the preferred solution, manage its construction and ultimately deliver a finished product that exceeds your expectations.    

P.E., P.L.S.

Principal - In - Charge

Mr. Thornton, TKE’s President, is Principal-in-Charge of all TKE projects. He has over 30 years of experience in engineering, planning, design, land surveying and construction management for public works projects. He has worked on a variety of public works engineering projects such as water, street, park, bike trail improvements, and many others.  

Mr. Thornton has been responsible for managing the funding administration, planning and design of these types of projects and has provided construction engineering, construction management, and surveying services for various agencies throughout Southern California.

P.E., Q.S.D.

Senior Vice President
Principal - Civil Engineering

Mr. Renner is the Senior Vice President of TKE and has 20 years of experience in civil engineering infrastructure projects, including sewer, water, transportation, drainage, facilities, and recreation improvements. improvements. He has managed and delivered numerous projects including but not limited to the cities of Fontana, Upland, Riverside, Redlands, Corona, and Rialto.


As a project manager, Mr. Renner has been responsible for design production, supervision of staff engineers and CADD operators. He has coordinated work between the  production team and the client, and has submitted all deliverables in a timely manner. Mr. Renner ensures that the design, planning, and specifications produced by TKE continue to exceed industry standards.



Vice President 

Mr. Ledbetter is the Vice President of TKE, and has over 15 years of experience with a variety of civil engineering projects. He has been responsible for critical and challenging projects through the planning, design, and implementation stages. He has ensured that all assignments get executed on budget and meet the expectations of the client. His background is well rounded, including experience with preparation and analysis of street and utility improvement plans and specifications including potable and non-potable water, wastewater, and drainage. His site development experience includes the preparation of horizontal and vertical control, site utility, erosion control, grading and on-site and off-site piping plans. Mr. Ledbetter has worked on grant writing and administration, feasibility studies, system master plans, water supply planning, storm water compliance reporting, and has experience with several types of computer modeling softwares.



Senior Engineer

Mike Heath has 21 years of experience in design and preparation of construction documents for street improvements, pavement rehabilitation, storm drain infrastructure, grading and demolition, water and sewer improvements, and right-of-way engineering. He has provided engineering design for capital improvement program (CIP) projects, staff augmentation, development review, and plan checking services for several municipalities and agencies in the counties of San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego, California. His experience includes storm drain master plans, hydrology and hydraulic studies, and sewer master plans. Many of his projects have involved pavement rehabilitation, asphalt overlay, curb and gutter replacement, storm drain infrastructure, landscaped medians, signing and striping, signal modifications, traffic improvements, and accessibility pathways in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).


P.E. Q.S.D./Q.S.P.

Senior Engineer

Mr. Pakozdi has over 30 years of experience in civil engineering. He has worked on a variety of development and public works projects including small to very large projects as the municipal agency’s technical review and project management staff.  He has provided development project screen checks, responded to development community inquiries, accepted submittals on behalf of agencies, determined project impacts, developed conditions of approval, presented projects to planning commissions, prepared council agenda reports, performed plan checking, managed Capital Improvement projects as well as many other municipal development related services.



Senior Plan Checker

Ms. Arellano provides Plan Check Services at TKE. She is a licensed Civil Engineer in the State of California with over 20 years of experience in the Engineering field. She has worked on a variety of public works and land development engineering projects including street improvements, water system improvements, and wastewater system improvements. This knowledge base along with her extensive background in construction projects offers a strong foundation for her ability and thoroughness in the plan checking process.


P.E., P.L.S.

Senior Engineer

Mr. Nix, will serve as Senior Engineer.  He has over 37 years of experience in water engineering planning, design, and construction management for water public works projects.  In addition, Mr. Nix has provided consulting engineering services to water agencies and cities.  He has served the City of Upland as the Sanitary Sewer Specialist, responsible for public works sewer and projects, plan checking and operations of 200,000 gallons/day wastewater treatment plant. In addition, Mr. Nix has also served East Valley Water District as the Director of Engineering and Operations.In addition to his past experience, Mr. Nix has extensive water and wastewater engineering experience including water system improvements, sewer system improvements, and reclaimed water system improvements projects.  While serving as City Engineer for the City of Chino Hills, he was the primary person involved with the IEUA Sewer Tech Committee. This committee included representatives from all local agencies provided sewer and recycled water service by Inland Empire Utilities Agency. He also served as second in command for the Public Works Director in matters involving groundwater pumping and/or recharge activity through the local Watermaster. Mr. Nix has also served several other cities as its engineer and other capacities including City of Montclair, City of Ontario, City of Fontana, City of Chino, City of Riverside, and Chino Basin Municipal Water District.


P.E., P.L.S.

Senior Engineer

Dennis Donahue has over 30 years of experience: 10 years in Public Works working for the cities of Santa Fe Springs, Arcadia, Monrovia and Chino and 20 years as a project manager in design and preparation of construction documents for street improvements, pavement rehabilitation, traffic engineering studies storm drain infrastructure, grading and demolition, water and sewer improvements, and right-of-way engineering. He has provided engineering design for capital improvement program (CIP) projects, staff augmentation, development review, and plan checking services for several municipalities and agencies in the counties of San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles, California. His experience includes stormwater quality management (SWPPP, WQMP, SUSMP, LID), storm drain master plans, hydrology and hydraulic studies, and sewer master plans. Many of his projects have involved accessibility pathways, bike lanes, pavement rehabilitation, asphalt overlay, curb and gutter replacement, storm drain infrastructure, landscaped medians, signing and striping, signal modifications, traffic improvements in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and structural design for residential and commercial facilities.



Senior Engineer

Brian Wolfe has over 15 years experience in civil engineering and land surveying for both private and public sectors of the industry. His experience in design and construction plan checking includes a variety of improvement projects such as street improvements, pavement rehabilitation, signing and striping, precise grading, water mains, demolition, reservoir rehabilitation, and sewer mains. He has provided capital improvement design, staff augmentation and plan checking services for several Southern California public agencies.  His experience also includes public works construction inspection, legal descriptions for easements, topographic surveying and construction surveying. 

Mr. Wolfe has written and presented many staff reports for recommend action to traffic commissions and contract awards for city council. Recommended traffic action often required close coordination with the public and businesses. Brian Wolfe has conducted extensive research for other reports such as an LED Street Light Conversion Study and a proposed Pavement Management Program.


Managing Director of Development Services

Mr. Dukett specializes in the planning and implementation of economic and community development, affordable housing, asset management, public facility, public infrastructure financing, grant programs and redevelopment agency wind-down services.  He initiated his consulting practice during 2007 after completing nearly 40 years of service to local government, which included executive positions with the Cities of Redlands, Upland, Hesperia, Ontario, Lancaster and San Bernardino and with the County of Los Angeles and its Community Development Commission.  While with Hesperia, he also served as Acting City Manager.  While in the public sector, Mr. Dukett managed a wide variety of public and private development projects with combined values of approximately $1 billion.  He is particularly known for his deal making and deal closing skills.  He has assisted more than 50 cities, several for-profit and non-profit corporations and a Native Sovereign Nation with their high priority development-related projects and programs.  His background and skill sets enable him to provide clients with an uncommon level of practical insight with respect to best practices in local government sponsored, initiated or assisted development.  Mr. Dukett is a former Chairman of the Board of the California Association for Local Economic Development (“CALED”) and former Chairman of the Board of Regents of the California Academy for Economic Development.  During April 2006, he was selected as the 12th “Golden Bear”, which is CALED’s highest award for career achievement in local economic development.


Project Manager

Mr. Kinzle provides Project Management Services at TKE. He has over 35 years of engineering experience in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, in both public works and land development. Mr. Kinzle has 18 years of experience providing on-call services to local government, including project development and processing, right-of-way acquisitions, Capital Improvement Programming, complex multi-fund project budget accounting, grant identification, grant writing, and grant program management and processing from expenditure authorization through reimbursement. Mr. Kinzle can also help guide implementation of your Safe Routes to School program.


Traffic Engineering Specialist

Ms. Pugh has over 30 years of Municipal and Public Agency engineering experience with a wide range of responsibilities and projects emphasizing the discipline of Transportation and Traffic Engineering. Her most recent experience includes management of both Land Development and Traffic Engineering Departments for the City of Fontana. Prior experience includes over 16 years in the County of Riverside Traffic Engineering Department.  Ms. Pugh has actively pursued continuing education throughout her career through U.C. Berkley extension courses offered by the Institute of Transportation Studies and couples this with functional engineering experience.  She is a Certified Grant Writer through Cal State San Bernardino Certification Program and has secured multiple Transportation grants for a wide variety of infrastructure projects.



Director of Survey

Mr. Musser is the Director of Survey at TKE. He has over 45 years in performing field and office surveying services for public and private projects including roadway and highway projects. Prior to joining TKE, Mr. Musser worked as a partner in an engineering and surveying firm supervising the mapping department, and providing mapping and calculation support for the firm's projects.


He has prepared records of survey, parcel maps and tract maps in San Bernardino County, Riverside County, San Diego County, Orange County and Los Angeles County. He has performed boundat, topographic, ATLA, and precise level surveys as well as Global Positioning Surveys.


Senior Construction Inspector

Mr. Enscoe has over 10 years of experience providing public works construction inspection services.  Recently, Mr. Enscoe provided on-call inspection services to the City of San Bernardino Municipal Water Department (SBMWD) for developer installed water projects as well as street, drainage, and sewer improvements to the Cities of Fontana, Redlands, and El Monte. 


Mr. Enscoe's duties include preparation of daily inspection reports, development of construction photo logs, assistance with progress and final payment processing, assistance with change order negotiations, verification compliance with contract documents, approval of project submittals, verification of public safety compliance, development of a remedial work list and system startup inspections.  In addition, Mr. Enscoe has provided coordination with other subcontractors involved with the construction project (i.e. geotechnical and surveying companies).


Senior Project Manager Development Services

Ms. Robles specializes in economic and community development, project management, roadway design, solid waste management, regulatory compliance, brownfields management, grant programs, redevelopment agency wind-down services, and real estate title review.  She initiated her consulting practice during 2012 after completing 25 years of service to local government, which included serving in responsible management positions with the San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency, the San Bernardino County Department of Economic and Community Development, the San Bernardino County Public Works Department, the City of San Bernardino Economic Development Agency, and the City of Yucaipa City Manager’s office.  While in the public sector, Ms. Robles managed a wide-variety of public and private development projects.  Ms. Robles has been responsible for preparing housing compliance reports; analyzing Foreign Trade Zone designations for private businesses; obtaining an USDA USFS $4.4M grant for the economic use of Bark Beetle wood; the construction of the County’s first groundwater treatment plant; the design and construction of the City of San Bernardino’s theater square infrastructure project; successfully obtained the San Bernardino Valley Enterprise Zone designation; and assisting in winding-down 16 former redevelopment agencies.  In addition to belonging to the Alfred North Whitehead Leadership Society, Ms. Robles belongs to and/or has belonged to ICSC, CALED, NBA, GWMA, Vice-President of CAEZ, and the Mountain Area Safety Task Force.