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Construction Management

The construction phase of a project is where the visions, concepts and designs become reality. At TKE, our construction management and inspection staff is proud of our ability to ensure that the product designed for our clients is built as intended and to the highest level of quality. We accomplish this through involvement during the design phase, the bidding and contract award phase, then continuing through the construction phase to project completion and finalization. We have developed a set of contract management and inspection procedures that ensure each construction project is both efficiently run and ultimately successful. Our proven systematic methods furnish our clients with comprehensive tracking and detailed accounting for each construction project. Additionally, our thorough approach and attention to detail allows TKE to supply our clients with extensive documentation related to the project administration and inspection, ultimately defusing potential problems during construction and alleviating post-construction disputes that can arise with contractors.


• Construction management

• Construction contract administration
• Design constructability review and plan checking
• Public financing reimbursement
• Documentation preparation and auditing
• Coordination with government and
• Regulatory agencies
• Construction scheduling
• Construction inspection


• Roadways and highways

• Traffic signals

• Storm drains and floodcontrol channels

• Detention/retention basins

• Sanitary sewer collection

• Wastewater treatment plants

• Potable, irrigation, and recycled water systems

• Distribution and transmission pipelines

• Reservoirs

• Booster, lift and pressure reducing stations

• Parks and street scapes

• Dry utility coordination

• Wet utility coordination and design

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