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Municipal Consulting

Municipal Consulting Services

Successfully serving as an extension of agency staff requires a specific mindset, that being service to community, ownership of direction, and dedicated teamwork with existing staff. Municipal Consulting Services require a true partnership between TKE and our clients, a symbiotic relationship where we are able to directly achieve the goals of the agency and provide direct representation to our shared community. At TKE, we recognize the trust inherent in this relationship and we pride ourselves on expanding this trust and successfully serving our shared community.​


Our broad array of services and in-house team provides you with a trusted consultant to take on any challenge, no matter how simple or complex. It is this commitment to service and our diverse array of offerings that makes us unique and drives our continuing, long-standing relationship with our municipal service client base. It is these same qualities that make us the right fit for you.



• Capital Improvement program project development and implimentation

• Contract City and departmental management

• Staff augmentation

• Engineering plan check review

• Standards and procedures development

• Fee structure analysis and development


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